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Not just a pretty amber colored film...

Saint-Gobain's Polyimide (PI) film not only can fully meet any general requirements of a wide variety of industrial applications, but it also possess the unique characteristics of high tensile strength, high-wear tolerance, high-temperature tolerance, and anti-corrosion.  PI completely meets the industrial design requirement of modern consumer's electronics, while at the same time, has always been a standard electrical insulation material for decades. It is the high temperature insulation material properties that enable PI film to have absolute competitive advantage over all others.


Polyimide, abbreviated as PI, is a polymer material with imide group. The reaction mechanism involvesPolyimide Film | Saint-Gobain the addition of diamines and dianhydrides to form polyamic acid, abbreviated as PAA, and then react into polyimide after high temperature, imidization and dehydration.


Because of the excellent thermal, mechanical and chemical properties, PI is always the best choice when specifying high performance polymer materials, especially for applications in electronic and integrated circuit industries that have strict materials specification. PI is in the position of key materials, such as high temperature tape, IC passivation coating, LCD alignment layer, and insulated materials, etc.


Striving to be the best supplier of high performance polymeric films, Saint-Gobain continually strengthen its techniques on research, development and production, persistently producing high value-added product while building up strategic alliance with related industries and individual companies outstanding in their respective fields. Saint-Gobain will reinforce its logistics and distribution system that focus on the global market to keep the latest market status for achieving just-in-time supplies and fast after-sales service aiming at being an international partner, not just a domestic vendor.


Choose from the following.


FluoroWrap® Polyimide Film

Polyimide films provide excellent electrical, thermal, physical and chemical properties over a wide range in a lightweight package making them ideal for rigorous electrical insulation applications.

Polyimide Film

SH, TH, TL and TSF series polyimide film offers technically advanced, superior performance; ideal for electrical insulation applications.

Specialty Polyimide Films

High dimensional stability polyimide films used to produce very lightweight thin-film flexible photovoltaic cells and modules.

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