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ZITEX® Membranes

Putting Zitex® to work, Industry after Industry

As one of the world's largest processors of fluoropolymer resins, Saint-Gobain is constantly evaluating new avenues to put their polymeric expertise to work.  One of the byproducts of its ongoing research and development pursuit is Zitex®.


A fibrous-porous form of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Zitex exhibits the same chemical inertness, thermal stability and non-wetting characteristics of this outstanding fluoropolymer.  Through a unique manufacturing method, Zitex offers a flexible method of producing membranes to meet special requirements. Zitex structures are able to handle virtually any corrosive fluid at temperatures as high as 550°F and as low as the cryogenic range of -450°F. This, of course, makes Zitex ideal for a wide variety of filtering and venting applications.


Zitex is chemically inert, doesn't retain or impart odors, flavors, or contaminants and will not support growth of either bacteria or fungi.  Another plus is its ability to be sterilized repeatedly with steam, ethylene oxide or bactericidal solutions without any adverse effect. These membranes are non-wetting, have low moisture absorption and maintain their dry strength and excellent dimensional stability during use. In addition, surfaces have the typical non-stick property of PTFE. This permits the material to be cleaned and gives them superior filter cake qualities.


From Aerospace to Automotive, Laboratory to Medical, Packaging to Pharmaceutical, Electrical to Engineering, people are finding more and more ways to put Saint-Gobain's Zitex membranes to work.


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Zitex® G

High water retention pressures, and high particle retention when filtering air and other gases. 

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